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Your Journey To Residency

In an uncertain world change is inevitable, challenging and often difficult. Change takes its toll on time, money and family and is often clouded by insecurities. We believe that with knowledge change becomes dynamic, exciting and rewarding.

Our vision, our goal is to help you establish your Tier 1 Visa business in the UK successfully guiding you through the maze of business and tax in the UK.

Your goal is to get your indefinite leave to remain in the UK, our goal is to get you there strategically with a strong successful business.

About You

We work for Entrepreneurs from all walks of life and they come to settle in the UK for many different reasons. They all share the same goal but equally face the same problems in varying degrees. 

About Us

With over a decade of experience as an FCCA in the SME market we know business, taxes and compliance. Add in our understanding of the Tier 1 Visa system and life in the UK and you will come to discover how we have blended all this to deliver a game changing personal yet professional service.

Why Us

Our “Journey to Residency” is our flagship programme. Our methodology has been fully developed in house and is simply categorised into five chapters of life which, broadly speaking represents your 5 years to making a full Visa application.


Understanding your journey, the difficulties and challenges and never letting you lose sight of your goals is why our

“Journey to Residency” Flagship Programme is so unique.

A few of our very happy entrepreneurs...

I’ve met a few accountants and a few solicitors and they were are only interested in doing their part. I was hooked from my first meeting with Gower Accountancy. hey understood the motive and end game.

Annika. Emigrated from South Africa

Having engaged Gower Accountancy, I found their approach to seeking out a business and getting me started was what I needed. They hand picked business that made financial sense and that could be invested in. A true time saver.”

Raj. Emigrated from Delhi, India

Payroll files, Accounts, letters all packaged and handed to my solicitor, hassle free and ahead of time. No drama’s thankfully.”

Asghar, Karachi Pakistan

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